What is Business Medical Insurance?

Group insurance plans provide comprehensive coverage to employees, offering peace of mind and timely access to high-quality medical care. Whether your employee requires a few physiotherapy sessions or more complex procedures like knee or hip replacement surgery or cancer treatment, our plans have you covered. With our insurance solutions, you can protect your employees and from the financial burden of unexpected medical expenses.

With our range of cover they can receive timely diagnosis and treatment for acute conditions, allowing them to restore health and resume their normal life quickly. It's important to note that private medical insurance focuses on acute conditions, which are diseases, illnesses, or injuries that can respond well to treatment and lead to a full recovery. For long-term (chronic) conditions, the NHS remains the primary provider of care.

How much are the UK spending on Private Treatment Without Insurance?

Healthcare funding by people in the UK who pay for treatment themselves without insurance has been increasing since 1990.

0.55% or
£5 Billion
0.65% or
£8 Billion
1.2% or
£19 Billion
1.1% or
£22 Billion
1.2% or
£29 Billion
1.5% or
£44 Billion
1.7% or
£45 Billion

Out of pocket expenditure, % of GDP

Source: IPPR *figures rounded to the closest Billion

As depicted by the upward trajectory of spending, individuals who bear the burden of funding their own healthcare expenses are experiencing a continuous and significant rise in financial obligations. £1.7% of UK GDP (£45 Billion) was spent on private healthcare treatment that was not covered by insurance in 2020.

This underscores the vital importance of having private health insurance as a protective shield. By obtaining comprehensive coverage we can safeguard our financial well-being, ensuring access to high-quality medical services without enduring the financial strain associated with self-funded healthcare.

Protection Insurances Services

Life Insurance

Life can take unexpected turns. With families, mortgages and lifestyles to protect Life Insurance is a must have insurance product. We can guide an assist you to choose the most suitable amount, level & type of cover to suit your needs. This provides peace of mind that in the event of your death your family is protected financially and a lump sum payment would be made to your next of kin. We can arrange these policies to be written in trust if appropriate to ensure any monies go to the people you wish to protect. We can help you decide on a package of cover that best suits your needs and circumstances.

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Income Protection

For most of us state sickness benefits would not be enough to cover our outgoings. Income Protection policies are designed to replace a proportion of your income if you become ill. Policies are bespoke to individual circumstances. Through fully understanding your circumstances we can advise on the most suitable product and provider to suit your circumstances. Income Protection can pay out until your planned retirement date if you are unable to return to work.

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Critical Illness Cover

We pride ourselves in knowing the "in's and out's "of all available Critical Illness policies allowing us to give you the best advice on levels of cover and comparisons on the various plans available. We also have an in depth understanding of underwriting within the various Insurance companies and which will suit your personal circumstances best. Falling ill is stressful enough without the added worry of financial pressures. Critical Illness Cover can alleviate some of this worry by providing a tax free lump sum to pay off your mortgage or replace lost income following diagnosis of a critical Illness. Talk to us about your circumstances and we will be happy to provide a no obligation consultation or quote.

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KeyMan/ Business Protection

Does your company have plans in place to protect against the death or illness of a key person or shareholder? If not you really need to talk to us. We can provide professional advice on tailor made solutions for your company to provide the peace of mind that if the worst should happen you are protected. We know our stuff when it comes to protecting your company and its directors, key people shareholders and employees so get in touch for a no obligation Business Health check and we can show you some of our innovative solutions for your Company.

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