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Health Insurance for you and your staff is surprisingly affordable and perceived by staff as a valuable benefit to have through their employment. The benefits to the company are clear. If a staff member is sick they can use their medical insurance to see a specialist of their choice very quickly. No waiting around for NHS appointments and speedy treatment means back to work quickly.

How much are the UK spending on Private Treatment Without Insurance?

Healthcare funding by people in the UK who pay for treatment themselves without insurance has been increasing since 1990.

0.55% or
£5 Billion
0.65% or
£8 Billion
1.2% or
£19 Billion
1.1% or
£22 Billion
1.2% or
£29 Billion
1.5% or
£44 Billion
1.7% or
£45 Billion

Out of pocket expenditure, % of GDP

Source: IPPR *figures rounded to the closest Billion

As depicted by the upward trajectory of spending, individuals who bear the burden of funding their own healthcare expenses are experiencing a continuous and significant rise in financial obligations. £1.7% of UK GDP (£45 Billion) was spent on private healthcare treatment that was not covered by insurance in 2020.

This underscores the vital importance of having private health insurance as a protective shield. By obtaining comprehensive coverage we can safeguard our financial well-being, ensuring access to high-quality medical services without enduring the financial strain associated with self-funded healthcare.

Main Benefits

Employees are the backbone of your company's success. Providing them with comprehensive health benefits, such as private health insurance, not only shows that you care about their well-being but can also significantly impact your ability to attract and retain top talent.

  1. Recruitment and Staff Retention
    Private health insurance is highly valued by employees and can set your company apart as an attractive employer. By offering this benefit, you increase your chances of recruiting and retaining a higher caliber of talent. It demonstrates your commitment to employee well-being and makes your business more appealing in the competitive job market.
  2. Fast-track Medical Care
    With NHS waiting lists reaching an all-time high, access to prompt medical care has become increasingly crucial. Private health insurance enables your employees to avoid lengthy waiting times and gain faster access to treatments and consultations. This not only contributes to their well-being but can also reduce absenteeism, allowing them to return to work swiftly after receiving necessary medical attention.
  3. Increased Productivity
    A healthy and happy workforce translates to increased productivity. By investing in your employees' health and showing that you care about their welfare, you foster a positive work environment where they feel valued and supported. This, in turn, boosts morale and work efficiency, benefiting your company's overall performance.

Cover Types

Employees are the backbone of your company's success. Providing them with comprehensive health benefits, such as private health insurance, not only shows that you care about their well-being but can also significantly impact your ability to attract and retain top talent.

  1. Inpatient Cover
    Inpatient cover is a fundamental component of most private health insurance policies. It covers treatments that require a hospital bed, whether for an overnight stay or a day-patient procedure. This includes surgeries, certain tests, and advanced diagnostic procedures like MRI and CT scans. By providing inpatient cover, your employees can access private healthcare facilities, avoiding lengthy NHS waiting lists and receiving timely care.
  2. Outpatient Cover
    Consider enhancing your business' health policy by including outpatient cover. This covers medical expenses arising from diagnostics, treatments, and consultations that don't require a hospital bed. Outpatient cover includes consultations with specialists, diagnostic tests, physiotherapy, and post-operative care. Offering outpatient cover allows your employees to benefit from quicker access to consultants and diagnostic testing, reducing downtime and supporting their health and well-being.
  3. Mental Health Cover
    Promoting mental well-being in the workplace is crucial, especially after the challenges posed by recent events. Adding mental health cover to your insurance policy demonstrates your proactive approach to employee care. Employees can access face-to-face and online counselling, ensuring that they receive timely support. This benefit not only improves the overall mental health of your team but also aligns with corporate governance responsibilities.
  4. Dental & Optical Cover
    Even the health-conscious employees in your team need regular dental and optical care. By including dental and optical cover on a cash-back basis, you empower your employees to seek necessary dental treatments and optical care without financial strain. This highly valued benefit covers dental surgeries, check-ups, hygienists, x-rays, and optical expenses, ensuring your employees' overall well-being.
  5. Private GP Services
    Offering private GP services to your employees can help them avoid lengthy waits for regular GP appointments. With consultations conducted via phone or online video calls, employees can receive prompt medical attention without taking excessive time off work. Extending this service to cover employees' dependents can be particularly attractive for parents of young children, further contributing to their peace of mind.
  6. Dependents Cover
    Extending your health insurance policy to include employees' immediate family members fosters staff loyalty and acknowledges the importance of a supportive home environment. The cost of including dependents can be funded either by the company or through salary sacrifice, with salary sacrifice often being a cost-effective and popular option.


Group Private Medical Insurance is not only a business expense but also an investment in your employees' well-being and your company's future. As demand for private health insurance increases, the UK health insurance market has become more competitive, offering various options to suit your budget. Working with an experienced broker like myself ensures you receive personalised insurance solutions tailored to your business's needs.

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