UK Spend on Private Treatment Without Insurance?

24 July 2023

How much are the UK spending on Private Treatment Without Insurance?

0.55% or
£5 Billion
0.65% or
£8 Billion
1.2% or
£19 Billion
1.1% or
£22 Billion
1.2% or
£29 Billion
1.5% or
£44 Billion
1.7% or
£45 Billion
Out of pocket expenditure, % of GDP

Source: IPPR *figures rounded to the closest Billion

Healthcare funding by people in the UK who pay for treatment themselves without insurance has been increasing since 1990.

As depicted by the upward trajectory of spending, individuals who bear the burden of funding their own healthcare expenses are experiencing a continuous and significant rise in financial obligations. £1.7% of UK GDP (£45 Billion) was spent on private healthcare treatment that was not covered by insurance in 2020.

This underscores the vital importance of having private health insurance as a protective shield. By obtaining comprehensive coverage we can safeguard our financial well-being, ensuring access to high-quality medical services without enduring the financial strain associated with self-funded healthcare.

Written by Keith Iliffe

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