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14 August 2023

Understanding Jargon: A Guide to Private Medical Insurance

Pre-existing conditions

A condition that existed prior to joining a policy.

Hospital & Guided Options

A provider will offer a choice of hospital lists. You will be able to choose the consultant and hospital that best suits you or, in the case of the Guided option the provider chooses a consultant for you – offering a choice of 3-4 consultants based on your health issue and where you live.


Treatment in a hospital bed that would incur an overnight stay.


Private consultations, diagnostic tests or procedures, where you are not occupying a hospital bed for the whole day.

Fee Schedule

List of procedures that your provider will pay for and the fee agreed with the hospital group.

Acute Conditions

A condition that could get better such as broken bones, musculoskeletal, hernia, hips and knee replacements, cancer.

Chronic Conditions

Conditions that need long term monitoring such as Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, COPD and Crohn’s disease.

Full Medical Underwriting

This is a method of joining a policy where medical history is declared on an application form.

Standard Moratorium

A method of joining a policy where, any condition that existed in the previous five years will not be covered until there has been a two-year period with no advice, consultation, treatment or symptom.

Continued Personal Exclusions

A method of switching to a new insurer where existed exclusions are carried over to the new insurer.

Continued Moratorium

A method of switching to a new insurer where the moratorium period is continued.


No Claims Discount.

Written by Keith Iliffe

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